The 5 Guidelines for Successful Scandinavian Decoration

Straight from Nordic countries, Scandinavian design is considered one of the styles of decoration most appreciated by consumers. A Scandinavian decoration is warm, welcoming, and highlights your personality with tenderness and elegance. The design of Scandinavian furniture and interior decoration from northern Europe both have the same guidelines during their creation process. Indeed, more than a simple creation of furniture, Scandinavian design is an art. The Vintage Furniture presents the 5 guidelines for a successful Scandinavian decoration.

Scandinavian Decor: Light and Pure Tones


In Scandinavian culture, white is one of the most used colors in the interior of homes. The reason for this choice is not simply due to an aesthetic point of view. It should be known that the Nordic countries of Europe experience a winter without much light. The sun comes out for only a few hours a day before leaving the Scandinavians in daily darkness. This lack of light is therefore a daily handicap which must be remedied. Both from a physical and psychological point of view, Nordic countries are affected by the continuous absence of the sun throughout the winter. They therefore developed a passion for interior decoration to adapt to this absence of light.
We must first start by making up for this lack of light. White, as well as light tones like gray or beige, are perfect colors to enlarge rooms and give a beautiful effect of luminosity. White is used mainly for walls, often combined with light natural wood floors. The fusion of beige and white creates an atmosphere of well-being and peace. Even if the tones must be clear, the Scandinavians do not forget to include touches of color.

Touches of Colors for Decoration Scandinavian

Scandinavian decoration is a refined mixture between light tones and touches of color. It is a subtle opposition between colors and materials that allows the perfect balance of a successful decoration. Colors are often used in decorative and everyday objects. We will opt for throws and cushions in bright colors such as green, blue, or yellow. These colors recall the much-loved nature of the Scandinavians. They also bring joy and personality to every room in the house.
Decorative items, tableware, and bed sheets are just as important as furniture or foundations. Although they have a useful aspect in everyday life, they must be beautiful as well as functional. Living daily inside your home should become a source of natural pleasure for the countries of northern Europe. Opt for warm colors that recall Scandinavian nature and the beauty of outdoor life.

Pictorial and geometric patterns


Scandinavian decoration comes from an immense need to create a life inside their dwellings. Like a second skin, the interiors of Nordic houses are worked and thought to be functional and pleasant, but above all, artistic. Designers like to create furniture and patterns with geometric shapes and pictorial patterns.
We find in the sheets of houses, patterns reminiscent of nature and wildlife. These elements are often deer, trees, leaves, or even people. The colors are joyful and the creativity endless, giving designers many opportunities to undertake. Geometric shapes are also very popular and available in several styles. All these patterns are important for Scandinavian decoration and give a touch of happiness in a soothing interior.

Natural Wood Furniture

Wood is the most used material in Scandinavian design. Living in countries where nature is ubiquitous, the Scandinavians love and respect their environment. Very sensitive to the ecological and pollution issue, Nordic countries mainly use natural materials from the surrounding area. Wood is one of the main resources of the Scandinavian countries and is therefore the first source of inspiration and creation of furniture.
Scandinavian furniture is made of natural wood, often beige in color and rough in texture. It surveys fine and elegant shapes and curves that blend perfectly with any room in the house. The furniture is therefore a work of art in itself because it changes at the discretion of the designer. Scandinavians are also known to be the pioneers of interior design and the importance of a stylish and functional furniture.


Functionality as a Focus

Living mostly indoors requires Nordic countries to rethink their way of life. A Scandinavian decoration must be functional if you want to be able to live properly on a daily basis. Indeed, whether the interior is small or spacious, the furniture must be modular, useful, and clever. Furnished with different openings, shelves, drawers, and storage, the furniture must be designed to accommodate life; a life where things pile up daily but don’t make a mess and where we use those items everyday as interior decoration.

Scandinavian furniture is functional, elegant, refined, and allows the fusion of useful furniture with decorative furniture. After all, art is everywhere, provided we deign to welcome it. The art of Scandinavian design has been appreciated by many people for decades. It is a warm, welcoming design that lasts over time without aging. Some Scandinavian creations are famous for their originality, inventiveness and quality. They are coveted by many art and design enthusiasts and represent an incredible story and beauty. The Vintage Furniture, specialist in Scandinavian design, offers for sale online and in its store in Paris, some of the most incredible pieces in the history of Scandinavian design.