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When the Scandinavian Design Revisits All Our Insides

A soft mixture of materials and colors, Scandinavian design decorates our interiors with elegance. Closely linked to nature, Scandinavian designers like to utilize natural materials when creating their works. They use wood, wool, light and warm tones, and above all a few touches of color to balance it all. The recipe of Nordic design is so easy: a warm atmosphere, functional furniture with sleek and light colors.

design scandinave

How is Scandinavian Design Designed?

Scandinavian design comes, as its name suggests, from the Nordic countries of Europe. It is between Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark that this design style, so loved by the French and the rest of the world, evolves. Rich in many strengths, Scandinavian design has continued to evolve over the years, always with more originality and functionality than in the past.
When we talk about furniture with Scandinavian design, we are talking about functional furniture, with elegant lines (sometimes discreet, sometimes eccentric) and ergonomic curves. The basic idea in making Scandinavian furniture is to combine elegance, originality, comfort and functionality. It is quite remarkable to note that Scandinavian design crosses the eras without going out of fashion. Proud of their culture and heritage, the designers like to keep the roots of this art while mixing them with new generations.
In the heart of the Scandinavian countries, the cold can reach temperatures well below zero degrees. Scandinavians therefore spend most of their time inside their homes during the winter. A comfortable, warm, and pleasant house is therefore vital for Nordic countries. We therefore understand the importance of furniture and decoration for Scandinavian designers. The interior of a Scandinavian house must be able to accommodate the family throughout the winter. It must be fun, pleasant and spacious. We then speak of a sleek design that allows everyone to move around the house while being comfortable.
Scandinavian design is therefore the marriage of the old with the new, elegance with originality, and simplicity with functionality. When we talk about vintage furniture, we are talking about a life, a character and a history. Scandinavian furniture is furniture with timeless style.

Light Tones for a Bright Design

In a room with a Scandinavian design, importance is given to light and the feeling of air space. Throughout the year, the sun is not really present in Nordic countries. The Scandinavians therefore find in light colors a remedy for the lack of light. On the walls, floors, and ceilings, we therefore find white, beige, and gray. By adding beautiful lights and mirrors to this, you will then play with perspective and reflection and you will get a bright room. The light colors also allow designers to highlight the furniture. Because yes, although it is intended to be functional, Scandinavian furniture, above all, maintains its importance in interior design.

The light colors therefore allow the Scandinavians to have luminosity and well-being throughout the day. And although they are well anchored, these do not prevent touches of bright colors on decorative items.
In designing them, designers also like to integrate in their design, bright colors that bring back to nature. Green, yellow, blue and various other colors are all welcome in Scandinavian interiors, provided they blend well with the rest of the room. To integrate colors in the decoration of a room, designers play with materials, patterns and objects.


Nordic Countries and Their Love for Nature


Since the beginning of Scandinavian design, wood has been the essential material for the creation of furniture. Recognizing the nature that surrounds them, designers use natural resources as a source of inspiration. The forests are dense and there is no lack of wood. It is used for all rooms of the house as well as for all furniture. We thus find parquet flooring, tables and chairs, shelves, picture frames and even wooden fixtures. The most popular wood of Scandinavian designers are pine and oak.
Besides their love for wood, Nordic countries like to play with different materials. Wool, linen, cotton, and even metal are natural materials that provide distinct mood changes within a room. These materials that allow the creation of original decorations such as sheep wool carpet, bed linens, metal lamps, and cotton cushions with geometric patterns.

Unbeatable Functionality

Storage, organization, and ease are the three important points in the functionality of a Scandinavian piece of furniture. Indeed, while we observe the Scandinavian design, we notice modular and practical furniture. These pieces of furniture fit in large as well as small rooms and are space-saving for greater ease of mind.
Nordic countries like to highlight an organized chaos. The decoration is therefore in the demonstration of a daily life. Books stacked on a shelf filled with objects, a coffee table full of candles and small storage jars. Everything comes together as long as it is organized. Furniture is used to store bulky items, while the rest of the accent pieces are used for display. The house must live and is an important organ of the family, a place of meeting and sharing. Why hide when you can show off with elegance and originality? After all, a house comes to life, thanks to those who live there. It is a mirror of ourselves, of the life around us. Scandinavian design is therefore a design that allows you to express life with lightness while having its own characteristics.

This is why Scandinavian design has been inviting into our interiors for many years now. More than just decoration, this design is an art that abounds with many artists such as Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen, Verner Panton, and many others. It is a love for the fusion of art, industry, design, and life. The Vintage Furniture has some works by these remarkable designers. To find out more, discover our collection.