Preben Fabricius – Iconic figure of modern Nordic style

An iconic figure in modern Nordic style, Preben Fabricius is a Danish designer born in 1931. This furniture designer started as a cabinet maker before taking up interior design studies at the Skolen for Boligindretning in Copenhagen in the 1950s. Preben Fabricius then collaborates with renowned designers, including Finn Juhl, with whom he designs the chairs for the United Nations building in New York.

The famous creations of Preben Fabricius

Danish vintage armchair

The most famous creations of Preben Fabricius were made with Jørgen Kastholm. Both gave birth to several metal and leather pieces, including the Scimitar Chair 63, which was introduced in 1962 just after the FK 6720 chair and leather sofa. Two years later, the two designers created the armchair. Tulip 6772 with its aluminum structure and leather seat. Preben Fabricius then opens the doors of his agency which is quickly a success. The designer has been able to work for many prestigious clients, such as Alfred Kill and Ivan Schlechter.

Classics of Scandinavian decoration

The designer’s creations have become iconic and timeless pieces of Scandinavian decoration. Their minimalist design allows them to marry perfectly with the different styles, from the most classic to the most original. The articles designed by the designer are also characterized by their great comfort and convenience. The model chair FK85 for example allows you to sit comfortably thanks to a very wide backrest. This is also the case of the office chair FK 86 cognac leather. The designer is also known for its brass vintage suspensions which are very unusual and add a vintage touch to all the decorations. Preben Fabricius won the Illum Preiz, Die Gute Form and Erster Prize awards in 1969.