The Egg Chair

When, in late 1950’s, Arne Jacobsen imagines what will be the future Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, in Conpenhagen, he aims to master minutely the project. From outside appearance to cutlery used in the hotel’s restaurant, he’s willing to stamp his mark on the whole creation. This unique moment in danish vintage furniture design, produces one of his most prominent pieces : the Egg Chair.

A holistic view

The whole building is formulated as an harmonious unity of geometric and organic shapes. To the straight, stringent lines of the facade or bedside tables, reply the sweet, gentle curbs of the Drop, Swan and Egg chairs. The latter, intended at first to furnish the hotel’s lobby, illustrates Jacobsen’s will to create a new way to occupy space.

Privacy realm

Because that is what it’s all about : how can you lay back, and get comfortable in a public space ? The ovoid shape answer this specific necessity : enveloping, shrouding, the exhausted passerby can snuggle in like in a cocoon, sheltered by the high backrest and ear wings that conceal from inquisitive eyes. May he be present to the world ? A slight recover, and he is back.

Innovative techniques

Techniques needed for the birth of this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture equal its designer’s ambitions. Arne Jacobsen spent many hours in his workshop, putting prototypes together, searching relentlessly for the perfect shape. For the structure, he decided to use a high density foam, that unlocked possibilities formerly prevented by traditional materials. This technique was unprecedented at that time.

Superb pieces

With The Vintage Furniture, the dream of Arne Jacobsen can become tangible. The Republic of Fritz Hansen model, covered with Kvadrat black Tonus wool, has the inclination function. More uncommonly, this 1964’ model 3317, black leather covered, can be admired.