Fauteuils Keravan

Scandinavian Avant-garde

Fauteuils Keravan

Pure lines, colour fantasy, quality materials : since the wake of the 20th century, Scandinavian design allies aesthetic considerations with flair, and elegance. From Kaare Klint to Verner Panton, Poul Henningsen to Arne Jacobsen, the pencil of Danish creators has unsettled the rather small world of vintage furniture, pursuing an eternal quest for excellence. Handcraft tradition has been combined with modern techniques, the drawn line has born the shape, the purpose has redefined the standard.

Attractive and convenient

Designed for small or medium batch production, Danish vintage furniture has not forget the lessons of functionalism ; and the cosmetic feature, as major as it can be, must suit any all-day use. It has to be practical, sturdy and comfortable. It has to be pretty and strong, thus body and soul are equally lulled in the nordic interior. And according to how you feel, you would rather choose the pure, efficient lines of Nils Jonsson, or the ample, organic volumes from Arne Jacobsen.

Finest materials

To traditional materials, beech or oak tree, mahogany or teakwood that soothe the soul when the winter knocks at the door, scandinavian genius marries wool, velvet or leather on a wide colour range, from the sober, classic ones, to the most inventive. Modern materials have been included to this legacy undertaken, and metal, chrome steel and engineering polymers got added to this avant-garde research, in a constantly renewed creativity.

Folkets kærlighed

Designers compete a multifaceted practice, where visual art meets everyday life, reinvent customs, bewilder long-established habits while offering new ways for all-time usages. The Danish way, driven by tradition, still looking forward, has left its stamp on The Vintage Furniture. And we have not stopped dreaming yet.